About LACNIC Board of Directors and its electoral process


According to the LACNIC Social Bylaws, the Board of Directors consists of seven members who make up the following honorary positions:

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer and Regular Member.

Powers and responsibilities

Each position corresponds to a list of specific tasks that are found in the following chapters:

VI (President),

VII (Secretary),

VIII (Treasurer),

IX (Vice-President, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Treasurer and Regular Member).

Mandates and incompatibilities (article 20)

Board Meetings

The LACNIC Board of Directors meets periodically (approximately 10 times a year) through telephone conferences or web conferences with an approximate duration of 2 hours.

In addition, it holds 3 face-to-face meetings a year, two of which take place during LACNIC's main events, and the third usually at the end of November or beginning of December at LACNIC's headquarters.

Article 23:

LACNIC Code of Ethics

Like the staff of LACNIC, the Board of Directors is ruled by our LACNIC Code of Ethics.


Who can be nominated and how?

Who can vote and how?

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