Transparency is one of the key values of LACNIC, so the organization does its best to facilitate access to the information generated in the organization.

Transparency is one of the key values of LACNIC, so the organization does its best to facilitate access to the information generated within the organization.

During its session held on March 28th, the LACNIC Board approved the Transparency Guidelines to provide greater consistency to the organization’s work in this area and ensure the future continuity of its actions.

We have tried to organize most of the institutional information in this section so that it will be easy to access.

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Institutional Information

This category includes the key documents showing the strategy and actions that LACNIC has carried out throughout its history. 

Strategic Plans - Three-year strategic guidelines. 

Annual Reports - A report for each financial year. 

LACNIC Community Code of Conduct / LACNIC Code of Ethics - The main values and policies governing the activities of LACNIC.

Transparency Guidelines - To ensure consistency and continuity in the work carried out by the organization.

Cooperation agreements with different entities that are part of the Internet ecosystem.

Documents recognizing LACNIC as a Regional Internet Registry. 

How is LACNIC organized

Under its bylaws, LACNIC is managed and run by a Board of Directors and includes a Fiscal Commission and an Electoral Commission. This section provides further information on each of these groups, and their features and composition. 

Board of Directors

Fiscal Commission 

Electoral Commission

Ethics Committee 


Internet Community

This section includes some of the topics involving the entire regional Internet community: events, the policy development process and the elections to fill positions that are open to the community.


LACNIC events are regional meeting spaces for multistakeholder dialogue, high-level technical training activities and the discussion of the issues most relevant to the Internet community. 

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  • Satisfaction survey 

  • LACNIC event co-hosts and sponsors


Policy Development Process 

LACNIC operates based on a self-regulation model under which the rules (policies) that govern Internet resource administration are developed by the community through a public, participative and transparent process that is open to anyone who wishes to participate and built on consensus.


(election processes open to the LACNIC community)

Some of LACNIC's election processes are open to any member of the Internet community who wishes to participate. 

  • ASO Address Council - responsible for the administrative functions of the ASO. 
  • Public Policy Forum Chair - responsible for moderating and preparing the discussions of the Public Policy Forum and the policy mailing list.
  • Review Committee - advises and assists the NRO EC in its periodic review of the service level of the IANA Numbering Services provided to the Internet Number Community.

LACNIC Members 

LACNIC is a membership-based organization, so its members are entitled to specific benefits and services. In addition, LACNIC members also have certain rights and responsibilities, such as electing the members of the Board and the Fiscal and Electoral Commissions.

Financial Information

LACNIC's financial statements and related documents. 

Annual Budget 

Financial Statements

External Auditor's Report

Fiscal Commission's Report